10 Ingeniously Designed Versions Of Everyday Products

I personally need variety in my life to keep things interesting. Staring at the same old wooden cutting board, the same bottle opener, and the same old cake pans day in and day out is incredibly boring.

It’s not that those devices and others found around the home are not functional, but rather that they don’t really add any spice to our lives.

Thankfully, a group of designers have managed to re-imagine rather boring everyday household items, turning them into creative and fun everyday products.

The “Corkatoo” Bottle Opener


You’ve seen the Cockatoo now meet the Corkatoo. This ingenious bottle opener keeps the design that has made these devices so useful, while adding a little bit of bird lover flair. You might actually keep your bottle opener on display, either because it will generate conversations at your next party or because you’re a huge alcohol.  


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