22 Most Terrifying Abandoned Locations On The Planet

The landscape of the planet will have substantially altered upon returning if humans left and didn’t return for quite some time.

It doesn’t take very long for nature to slip back into man-made structures, destroying and hiding them at the same time.

These 22 haunting spots were long ago abandoned. Although they are all eerie within their own means, there’s also something stunning inside their haunting remains.

From Nazi hospitals and coal mining areas to amusement parks that appears like something from a zombie apocalypse picture, these 22 destinations are currently haunting yet strangely appealing.

Pripyat, Ukraine

Barry Mangham/Pixog

After the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown the city of Pripyat became a ghost town overnight. 50,000 residents were ordered by the government to leave their homes and flee to a safer non-radiation flooded area.  

High radiation levels have forced the town to remain abandoned since 1986.

The area, which will be abandoned for thousands of more years, is the perfect example of what a post-apocalyptic world could end up looking like.  


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