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22 Most Terrifying Abandoned Locations On The Planet


The landscape of the planet will have substantially altered upon returning if humans left and didn’t return for quite some time.

It doesn’t take very long for nature to slip back into man-made structures, destroying and hiding them at the same time.

These 22 haunting spots were long ago abandoned. Although they are all eerie within their own means, there’s also something stunning inside their haunting remains.

From Nazi hospitals and coal mining areas to amusement parks that appears like something from a zombie apocalypse picture, these 22 destinations are currently haunting yet strangely appealing.

Pripyat, Ukraine

Barry Mangham/Pixog

After the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown the city of Pripyat became a ghost town overnight. 50,000 residents were ordered by the government to leave their homes and flee to a safer non-radiation flooded area.  

High radiation levels have forced the town to remain abandoned since 1986.

The area, which will be abandoned for thousands of more years, is the perfect example of what a post-apocalyptic world could end up looking like.  

10 Unreal Photos Before Tragic Moments in History


When tragedy strikes and affects an entire nation, there is a moment when everyone searches for answers. They want to understand the lives of the people affected, they want to gain a better understanding of what it was like for them in the last moments of their lives, and in general they want answers.

What we often learn about these tragedies is that only moments before they occurred, everything seemed normal or at least under control.

Sure the oxygen masks falling from a plane’s overhead compartment is scary, but when a flight attendant remains standing and calm, it almost appears as if the situation will turn out okay.

When we see James Dean standing next to his car only moments before his reckless driving caused his death, it makes us think about the fragility of life.

Here are 10 unreal photos that were snapped right before tragedy struck.

#10 The Tragic End To Japan Airlines Flight 123



On August 12, 1985, Japan Airlines Flight 123 crashed and claimed the lives of 505 of the 509 people aboard the plan. In a picture snapped just moments before the crash, oxygen masks are shown hanging from the overhead area. It’s an eerie site as the flight attendant stands in the aisle wearing a mask while trying to keep the flights passengers calm. An explosion occurred 12 minutes into flight and the place crashed 32 minutes later.

#9 Seconds Before A Fatal Bear Attack



This black bear was captured on film by a hiker in New Jersey. While the animal was a good distance away, it continued to approach the hiker and moments later it mauled and killed them. This photograph was found among the hikers belongings following the attack. The rest of their hiking party was left untouched after walking away from the scene.

10 Ingeniously Designed Versions Of Everyday Products


I personally need variety in my life to keep things interesting. Staring at the same old wooden cutting board, the same bottle opener, and the same old cake pans day in and day out is incredibly boring.

It’s not that those devices and others found around the home are not functional, but rather that they don’t really add any spice to our lives.

Thankfully, a group of designers have managed to re-imagine rather boring everyday household items, turning them into creative and fun everyday products.

The “Corkatoo” Bottle Opener


You’ve seen the Cockatoo now meet the Corkatoo. This ingenious bottle opener keeps the design that has made these devices so useful, while adding a little bit of bird lover flair. You might actually keep your bottle opener on display, either because it will generate conversations at your next party or because you’re a huge alcohol.  

10 Facts About China You Might Be Shocked to Know


China wins the award for best secretive nation but they can’t possibly keep every little thing under wraps. Here’s a list of ten facts about China that will shock you.

1. Substitute Criminals

If you may possibly be facing a prison sentence and are wealthy, then no need to fear! There is always someone willing to be paid to serve your sentence for you. If you thought America’s 1% lived by their own rules then this might give you a lot to think about.


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10 Facts About the Legendary Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson was always in the public eye, so there might be a few things that aren’t public or fan knowledge. Here’s the top ten facts about the King of Pop.

1. 50 foot M.J.

Jackson was reported to have had a comeback in the works around 2005. Part of the promotion for this comeback was to have a 50 foot statue of the Pop King roaming the desert of Nevada.


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10 OMG Facts About Russia


There’s many things that come to mind when you mention Russia to somebody. Vodka, Communism, just to name a few. Here are ten facts about Russia that will make you say “OMG!”

1. Russians Are Tough

Alexei Roskov guzzled down three bottles of vodka and from a 5-story window and walked back up to his apartment. His reasoning behind jumping was because he simply couldn’t stand his wife’s nagging any longer.


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10 Surprising And Cool Facts About Exotic India


India’s a wide and expansive country that is filled with vibrant cultures. A visit to anywhere in this lovely part of Asia is bound to make for unforgettable memories. Here are ten cool facts that will definitely have you considering adding “visit India” to your bucket list. 1. Jadav Payeng

Mother Nature isn’t the only one able to build vast forests. Payeng is apart of the Mishing tribe in Jorhat, India and over the course of several decades he planted trees near the Brahmaputra river. He tended to the trees and cared for them so lovingly that the forest now covers 1,360 acres.


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10 Facts You Never Knew About Antarctica


Antarctica is so mysterious it might as well be on another planet. Despite it being so isolated and at the bottom of our beloved Earth, there are people who work and live in Antarctica. Here are the top ten interesting facts about Antarctica.

1. Driest Place on Earth

The Dry Valleys of Antarctica have little to no humidity and not much snow or ice cover making them literally the driest place on Earth.

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